Native Portuguese award winning star Tony Lima spent his college years in Southern California and began his acting career in the eighties.

Having been a champion black belt in Judo gave him the opportunity to star in various action films. One of his first lead roles starring opposite Amanda Plummer was in PAX, shot in Portugal.

His ability to speak several languages led to a variety of roles in Spain, Italy and the United States. He has worked with some of Europes finest directors. His roles cross both cultural and class backgrounds.

In AMICI PER LA PELLE his portrayel of a coal miner saving the Jews in WWII from the Nazis was haunting. He played a sleazy striptease bar owner in UMA NOITE INESQUECIVEL. From his comedic performance as a Mexican cowboy in the spaghetti western THE SONS OF TRINIDAD he moved onto the political thriller LA FEMME DANS LA TOURMANT, playing a French photographer opposite Miu Miu. His latest role brought him back to the United States as a miner working for Christopher Walken in the soon to be released Universal Studios THE RUNDOWN, starring The Rock.

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