CAST Robert Harrell III, "Lemar"


Robert stars as "Lemar," the homeless street hustler.

Robert began his acting career in Boston in 1995 by accident. At the time, he was a competitive martial artist teaching Kung Fu and Tai Chi at a local school. The head instructor received notice that a movie shooting in Boston was looking for martial artists. Robert had no interest in going, but went with a few students and other teachers for fun. He was chosen for a part in the film and received his Sag card on the spot. While shooting the film Robert discovered his true calling as an actor and changed his career path accordingly.

During the next few years Robert trained vigorously in martial arts, took dance lessons and acting classes. All the hard work paid off, as over the next 2 years as he was featured in the Boston City Ballets production of the Nutcracker Suite, won 2 Silver and 3 Bronze medals in regional competitions awarded by the U.S.W.K.F and appeared in almost every major motion picture shot within a 100 mile radius of Boston.

In 1998, Robert relocated to Los Angeles to pursue his acting career full time after exhausting all the avenues in Boston. Since then he has appeared in several television shows and films, most recently a co-starring role as Atwon on the award winning show The Shield.

Robert is represented theatrically by Doug Bennett at The Gerler Agency (323) 850 7386 Commercially by The Morgan Agency (323) 469 7100.



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