Born in Bakersfield California, a place where nobody wants to go! Roob is part Native American (Cherokee) and part White Folk. An artist at heart, Roob studied theatre arts and police science in college and ended up playing two different roles in her real life - working for the police department by day as a dispatcher and stripper by night.

Known as the first person to have ever launched a 60 minute Vaudeville movie pilot on the Internet, "The Devil Made Me Itch." This movie had taken Roob 5 years to complete. IFILM.Com awarded Roob the 2002 Turkey Award for the worst film ever to have been made called, "Combusting Hollywood."

Recently, Roob has created something else, a new style of music just released to the public called, "Sex Music With a Naked View." This CD is the first ever to be recorded entitled, "Porn Flush." Since the release of Porn Flush Roob is now recognized as "The Queen of Party Porn Music." Vaudeville and Burlesque continues to be Roob's ultimate passion. Considering she's only put 23 years into it. Roob has worked with some of the biggest Burlesque stars in the business.

Speaking of Burlesque, we tend to think of feathers. Instead of wearing birds (feathers) the Roob today saves them. An animal activist at heart, and is probably the only Burlesque star who voices concern for these beautiful spirits. She donates a percentage from her newly released CD towards animal foundations. Roob has also adopted a few abused birds, which are now totally rehabilitated, except for the blind parakeet she recently adopted. Roob states that she's ashamed of her Burlesque feathered photos, more than she'll ever be of her nude stills.

A certified clown taught by Frosty, a Master Boss Clown from Ringling Bros. (who worked with Red Skelton, Lucille Ball). Frosty passed along some traits that Roob displays into all of her acts, such as major physical clowning comedy. Frosty even taught Roob how to build her own props. When in trouble, Roob gives her mentor a jingle, and the pro comes to the rescue.

Roob demands not to be handled with the white glove star treatment and continues to be as tough as Vaudeville nails. She now builds her own props, which takes up to 6 months to create. Roobie Breastnut has graced some major magazine covers as "The Burlesque Sex Comedian of Our Time" or "The Queen of Burlesque Trash" and continues to do so. With the famous photo "Lust In The Dust" from Exotic World Burlesque Museum, which ran in 5 major magazines over the past 2 years, including the International Max Magazine. Now Breastnut and her latest prop (built out of a 1950's go cart) "The Roob Boob Mobile," will be printed in Maxim Magazine this upcoming October 2003 issue.




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