The Illustrious Noah Knight has been performing since he was a fetus. He was born under the gun in the tumultuous state of Israel, and made his first theatrical performances for the dog in his backyard. The dog was offended by the performance and bit his five-year old ass. Noah later flew to the United States to avoid viscous animals.

Noah remembers his first exposure to show business. One of his high school friends in Los Angeles had landed a speaking role in a daytime television drama. Noah asked how he could get in on the action. His friend patted him condescendingly on the shoulder and quipped: “Sorry Noah – to make it in showbiz you need the two L’s: Looks and Luck. You’ve got neither.” From that moment on, Noah was determined to prove him wrong.

He was accepted to U.C.L.A., where his parents thought he studied Political Science. He was actually a theater major, which they only found out on graduation day. His family still mocks him regularly for his career choice.

Since graduation, Noah has been landing a consistent flow of independent film roles, including Sunken Treasure, by David Ayer (Writer of Training Day, Fast and the Furious) Old Sparky, a war movie that was popular in Japan, and America So Beautiful, which played in New York, Paris, and L.A. He has two lines in a film with Jon Voight.



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