CREW Marat Shpolyansky, Line Producer


After pursuing a degree in medicine, Marat took his degree and RAN. Much to the chagrin of his parents, Marat chose to follow his first passion, Moviemaking.

While receiving his Master's degree from Loyola Marymount University in Film Production and Directing; he produced, directed and wrote three short films: Happy Trails, Music Sounds Better With You and God Bless America. Noticed by others both in and out of his program for his exceptional organizational and coordinating skills, Marat was asked, or rather frequently, cajoled, into producing and often writing 25 other short films.

Marat went on to produce for an up and coming commercial director and completed spec commercials and campaigns for Van's Shoes, Monster.Com, and Nintendo. At the prestigious New York Independent Commercial Producers Awards, his campaign for Van's Shoes was chosen as a Jury Selection.

Continuing to build his career in production Marat went on to work as Production Coordinator for PAX TV and was credited for his work on the annual Family Film Awards. After going on to work for CBS, Dean River Productions and Rosemont Productions, where he was directly involved with the production of Purgatory starring Sam Shepherd and Eric Roberts, which went on to garner accolades as the highest rated movie Made for Network TV, Marat moved on to new ground.

This year he produced his first 30-minute cartoon entitled ASYA, which was shot as a live action digital film and then rotoscoped to produce a new generation of animated cartoons spawned from films.

His latest feature project, The Gun: From (6 to 7:30 p.m.), posed numerous logistical conundrums, as actors,camera, sound and of course Director had to be choreographed into a spectacular dance resulting in CINEMA ON THE VERGE OF REALITY!

In the little free time that Marat has he performs as a Music Mixologist for his extended group of friends and at limited engagements at clubs around Los Angeles. His love of cinema, its art, technique and timeless messages are his motivation and guide in the tangled web of Moviemaking.

Marat can be reached at (323) 363-4153, (818) 380-0103 or by email at



THE GUN (from 6 to 7:30 p.m.) 2003 Front Line Films