CREW CHRIS GEORGE, SteadiCam ® Operator


I grew up in Hollywood (except for two years of school in Europe). I have a personal connection with the history of Hollywood because I followed my grandfather into the Industry. He had established himself in optical effects and had a part in that history. The generation separating us diminished the value of having a relative in the business, so from the bottom I started. I respected the people I worked with learning the ropes as I went.

I started my experience of big Hollywood productions on a movie called 1941 with Steven Speilberg directing and William Fraker the director of photography. I was somewhat prepared for this having already worked 2 years doing production camera work on non-union films and summers at my grandfather’s optical effects house – Film Effects of Hollywood.

With early work on the first Star Trek Movie as a special effects operator, my experiences have been wide and varied, from underwater to mountaintop and dessert. I have a unique understanding of Staging (a critical element in getting a performance from actors, thru the camera, to the audience); it is a dance with the actors and the camera, where subtlety, neutrality and exaggeration find a proper mix with the story.

I have a good sense of camera movement, how and when it can help the movie. This skill is enhanced because I also have been, for the last 7 years, a Steadicam owner/operator. I have learned the value of motion and stillness. Not just from the Steadicam, but from watching and doing the work with some of the best. Movement provides a sense of freedom that used properly in support of the story often gives wings to the themes of a movie.




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